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cloud b

It started on a sleepless night. Two good friends, Linda and Heather, were sharing "sleepless-night stories" after another night awake with their young daughters, Madeleine and Yasmeen. Both babies were waking up many times during the night, kicking off their covers and getting cold. If the covers would just stay in place.

Having backgrounds in fashion design and merchandising, Linda and Heather looked for a solution. They found that baby sleeping bags have been used for years in Europe, and pediatricians in Holland have made it a standard recommendation for all babies. They found that with the baby sleeping bag, covers stay in place, keeping babies warm while also reducing risk factors associated with SIDS.

Working in conjunction with local pediatricians and sleep specialists, Cloud b was born. Cloud b began work with an advisory board of specialists to develop the LullaBag, and innovative products have been introduced ever since.


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