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Adora Charisma DollsThe Adora Charisma Dolls was founded in September 2000. The goal of the Adora Charisma Dolls was to create and design high quality toys that offered happiness to the person receiving the toy. Each Adora Charisma doll is created by an extensive team of designers, artists, and sculptors. The Adora Charisma Dolls are made to last a lifetime and to provide joy, happiness, and memories that can be passed on from generation to generation. The company’s mission is to provide joy and happiness along with enhancing the lives of others. The Adora Charisma Dolls are created for babies to adults. The newborn to one year old can choose from the Flutter Lady Bug, Flutter Baby Bee, and the Fab Fairy. These selections are designed for newborns, because of the plush, soft microfiber material, and beautiful bright colors. One to three years old can choose from the PlayTime Babies, BathTime Babies, and NurseryTime Babies. The NurseryTime Babies look and feel just like a baby. The life-like features from the baby’s eyes to their toes are amazing. As the child gets older, then Adora Charisma Dolls has a doll to grow with the child. A child from six years and older can select the Adora Friends dolls or the Girl Scouts doll. The dolls are life-like. They come in eighteen inches and twenty inches in height. Girls love to dress the dolls, have special tea parties, and play dates with their friends and dolls. The Adora Charisma Dolls has a doll designed to grow with your child. The Adora Charisma Dolls slogan is, “More Love. More Joy. More Adorability!” Children learn to give and receive love with the dolls that the Adora Charisma Company offers. Each doll is completely safe, so parents can rest assure that they are getting a quality product.
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