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Now that your child is ready for a booster car seat, we have plenty of brands and styles to choose from! And since safety and comfort is our top priority, you can't go wrong at Babysupermarket. We carry such brands as Britax, Sunshine Kids , Cosco, Eddie Bauer, Recaro, and many more!
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Graco Baby Studio Argos 65 Harnessed Booster Car Seat
Price: $229.50 Online Sale: $199.99

Graco Fiona Argo 65 Child Safety Car Seat
Price: $229.50 Online Sale: $219.99

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Booster Car Seats are often the last stage of your child's car seat days. At this stage in your child's life, they literally need a boost for the vehicle's lap and shoulder belts to fit them correctly, and a 5-point harness is not necessarily required. However, all children are safest in a 5-point harness, which booster seats lack, so we recommend that booster seats be used for children who are at least 4 years old. We understand that making decisions regarding your child's safety can be difficult, so we provide you with the most detailed booster car seat reviews to help you in your search for the best booster car seat to fit your and your child's needs. Here are some basic distinctions when comparing booster car seats, to other car seats:

  • Also called Belt Positioning Booster seats 
  • Can only be used forward-facing
  • Minimum weight and height requirement around 30 lbs and 30 inches
  • Maximum weight and height limits up to 120 lbs and 63 inches
  • Select booster seats can be secured in place using LATCH, but the child is buckled in place using the vehicle\'s shoulder and lap belts
  • Not compatible with strollers.
  • No 5-point harness.

*Child sits in the Booster Car Seat and uses the vehicles lap and shoulder belt to secure them*

*Booster seats MUST be used with a car's lap AND shoulder belt. You cannot use a booster seat in a vehicle that only has a lap belt. Some alternatives -such as Vests- can be used with just a lap belt in conjunction with a Tether Strap.