Do I need to create a baby registry at a retailer in order to participate in this promotion?
No, you are not required to create a baby registry. BRITAX simply encourages this as a way to accumulate eligible products with the help of your friends and family.

Can I submit a receipt or photocopies of my barcodes with my redemption form?
No, you must submit the original UPC barcodes from your product packages. No pictures, photocopies, receipts, or alternate substitutions will be allowed.

Can I submit barcodes for products that I purchased/received before the BRITAX Registry Rewards program started (April 2, 2012)?
The Program started on April 2, 2012; however, we will honor purchases made up to approximately one month prior starting on March 1, 2012 to help include those that bought eligible products near the start date without knowledge of the program. UPC barcodes will still be required for such purchases.

Do I have to complete a redemption form online?
There are two ways to complete a redemption form. The preferred and most efficient method is to click on “participate now”, create an online profile and record the products you have received/purchased. In doing so, you will have completed the online redemption form which should be printed and mailed in with your UPC barcodes. The other method is to handwrite your profile information and record your products on the redemption form that can be found at retail stores then mail it in with your UPCs.

Do all my eligible products need to be purchased at the same retail location?
No, you or your friends/family can purchase the eligible products wherever the products are sold. All products and fashions are subject to availability.

Can I complete the fulfillment process on the phone?
No, you must mail in your completed redemption form and 5 UPC barcodes to the BRITAX Registry Rewards address so that your proof of ownership of the 5 eligible products can be verified.

Can I pick up my FREE BOULEVARD 70 Car Seat at a local retail location?
No, BRITAX will ship the free car seat directly to the address you provided on your redemption form. Please allow up to 6 weeks from when you receive the email/letter confirming that the order has been placed for your free car seat to arrive.

Is this promotion available for residents of Canada, Hawaii or Alaska?
No, this offer is valid in the continental US only.

When does this promotion end?
Unless otherwise posted, BRITAX will terminate this program on April 1, 2013. BRITAX will honor redemption submissions post marked up to 60 days after the termination date.