Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does organic mean?

Organic products are produced without the use of pesticides, chemicals, or other harmful substances. From start to finish, beginning from the time of plant growth until the completion of production, the product is created with the goal of promoting personal and environmental health.

2. How does an organic mattress help a baby with allergies or asthma?

Traditional mattresses are produced with cotton sprayed with pesticides or with polyurethane foam, and then coated with additional chemicals to promote fire retardancy. Fumes from these chemicals can irritate the eyes and nose of the baby, as well as cause breathing problems. Organic mattresses are completely free of pesticides and chemicals which have also been proven to increase the risk of SIDS, aside from being allergenic substances. By eliminating these potential hazards, we're decreasing the risk of SIDS and allowing your baby to breathe in nothing more than fresh, clean air.

3. Is there really a correlation between the type of mattress you use and SIDS?

According to many studies and documented research, most notably those performed by Dr. T. James Sprott of New Zealand and Barry Richardson of England, SIDS is a result of accidental poisoning: the babies inhale fumes emanating from the mattresses, which are byproducts of the chemicals used during growth of the cotton and production of the mattresses.

4. What do Greenbud mattresses contain?

Greenbuds mattresses are entirely free of chemicals. The mattress is covered with an eco-friendly waterproof organic cotton layer and filled with pure and natural cotton batting that is completely free of pesticides. Throughout the entire production process, no toxins or chemicals are introduced, ensuring complete organic integrity.

5. How do I order a mattress?

For more information on purchasing a Greenbuds mattress, visit our "Where to Buy" page and locate a premium retailer near you.

6. Are your mattresses just as comfortable as regular ones?

Greenbuds mattresses are designed to promote both your child's health and comfort. They contain a firm inner support layer composed of food grade polyethylene, which serves as excellent support for your baby's back and provides a restful and comfortable place for your baby to sleep.

7. Why is it important for a mattress to be moisture resistant?

If a mattress is not moisture resistant, then it absorbs all liquid, such as urine and saliva. These substances cause fungus and bacteria to grow inside the mattress and produce toxic fumes, which are dangerous and harmful to your child.

8. Do you produce anything else besides mattresses?

Our organic sheets and waterproof mattress pads will soon be available for purchase. Be on the lookout for more great products from Greenbuds!

9. How are your mattresses good for the environment?

Aside from decreasing the usage of pesticides and chemicals and reducing the amount of harmful substances in our air and environment, Greenbuds mattresses are completely biodegradable. In addition, all our mattresses come packaged in polyethylene plastic and a recyclable cardboard box, continuing our commitment to the environment's wellbeing.