Graco Important Safety Notice

August 2007

This notice is sent to you in cooperation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Graco Children's Products Inc. ("Graco") is providing this emportant recall notice to inform you that ComforSport car seats manfactured in 2007 may have a potentially misrouted Lower Anchorage belt.

A misrouted Lower Anchorage belt would only affect the car seat if it is installed in the rear facing mode and the Lower Anchorage belt is attached to the vehicle's LATCH anchors instead of using the vehicle seat belt. In the rear facing mode, if the Lower Anchorage belt is misrouted and used to secure the car seat to the vehicle lower achors, in a vehicle crash, the car seat may not perform as intended.

The notice affects ComfortSport models with a date of manufacture from 01/02/07 through 07/31/2007.

A label with the model number, model name and date of manufacture is located on the shipping carton.

Graco requests that you immediately stop sale of any ComfortSport car seats affected by this notice and quarantine these car seats. A Graco representative will contact you to arrange for the disposition of these car seats.

It is a violation of Federal law to continue selling the affected models of ComfortSport car seats after reciept of this notice.

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any additional questions or do not understand these instructions, please contact your Graco sales representative.


Graco Children's Products Inc., Phone: 610-884-8000 or Fax: 610-884-8700