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About The Gund Plush Company

The Gund Plush Company was founded in 1898. Adolph Gund was a German immigrant in Norwalk, Connecticut. The Gund Plush was the first company to produce teddy bears in the United States, and world-wide. Gund is known for outstanding, high quality soft plush products. The company is located in Edison, New Jersey and continues to be the largest plush toy provider in the country. The Gund Plush bears come in all sizes, colors and designs. A few of the Gund Plush bears include Big Boe, Bradley White Bear, and Barley Gold Bear. Gund Plush doesn’t just create bears. They also offer dogs, cats, dinosaurs, dragons, and even zombies. The Gund Girls are designed for little girls. The Gund Girls are Fable, Raffles, Dee Dee, Posey, and Magic Fortune Monkey. Each one offers bright pinks and purple colors that are designed for a girl. The Gund Monsteroos are great for little boys. Scratchy, Tackle, Beeper, and Winger are fun, scary little monsters that boys just love to play with. The Gund Plush offers a line just for babies. The babyGund are plush stuffed animals that are soft, and encourage developmental play, so babies respond, learn and grow. The Gund Plush also provides the Sesame Street, Peter Rabbit, and Curious George line of plush toys for children. The Gund Plush also has a soft, plush for each and every holiday, such as Christmas, Halloween, and birthday. For any occasion, The Gund Plush offers an easy choice and option for any age.
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Gund Plush Grigsby Giraffe
Price: $16.95 Online Sale: $14.99

Gund BOO "Worlds Cutest Dog"
Price: $21.99 Online Sale: $19.99

Gund Brown TD Plush Bear
Price: $14.99 Online Sale: $12.99

Gund Oliver Blue Cozy Mat
Price: $49.99 Online Sale: $44.99

Gund Soothing Sounds Dottersorth Plush Frog
Price: $24.99 Online Sale: $22.99

Gund Brush Your Teeth Singing Bear
Price: $34.99 Online Sale: $21.99

Gund Winky Waggie Musical in White
Price: $29.99 Online Sale: $26.99

Gund Teddy Needs A Bath Laundry Bag
Price: $16.95 Online Sale: $14.99

Gund Lil Snuffles Bear Baby Rattle
Price: $8.95 Online Sale: $7.99

Gund My First Teddy Bear Pink
Price: $14.99 Online Sale: $12.99

Gund Love Our Earth Baby Rattle in Pink
Price: $7.95 Online Sale: $6.99

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