To our Valued Dealers,

Because of the recent recalls due to the excessive lead paint in the finish from toy companies manufacturing in China, we are getting more and more emails and phone calls from consumers asking about our products.

We assume that you & your staff are getting more of these types of questions.

We at Munire' want to assure you that all our products are made to the strictest quality and safety standards which meet or exceed the standards established by A.S.T.M (American Society for Testing and Materials) and the Federal Comsumer Product Safety Commission.

All Munire' products are made in Indonesia and are tested regularly by Intertek (Testing lab for JPMA) to assure we continually meet all the safety standards.

All teh Munire' cribs have passed the JPMA certification testing and by the end of October, all our cartons and products will be stamped with JPMA certification seal.

In additionm, we are forwarding copies of our test results to all our sales reps. These will be available to you upon request.

We at Munire' hope this information will be helpful to you in assuring your customers that when they are buying Munire', they are pruchasing products that have been tested to American Standards and proven completely safe for their babies.



Bill Wagner

Executive Vice President and General Manager