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Sopora mattresses are made with Harvest Foam

Imagine: A production process that eats the bad and emits the good.

  • *Harvest foam requires up to 60% less fossil fuel resources than petroleum based polyol.
  • *A gallon of crude oil is saved for every 11 lbs of plant-based polyol used.
  • *Plant based polyol results in a 36% reduction of global warming emissions.
Sopora mattresses prevent bed bugs

Bed Bug Proof.

That is Sopora!

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Sopora products are made in the USA
A new company. A new method.
Sopora Sleep Products is a new venture founded by proven industry leaders, Terri Paul, former President and founder of Moonlight Slumber and Munir Hussain, President of Munire Furniture. The innovation and development of Sopora products allows the offering of premium crib and youth mattresses and essentials. We are proud to bring better sleep day and night.

At Sopora, we focus on creating the best products available for the most important reasons:
  • Safety, comfort and development for infants and children.
  • Offering the best features in the market, combined with a new focus on product design and quality control.
At Sopora, we believe nothing less than perfection is worth pursuing. When it comes to children, nothing is too good. If you are looking for the best new products in the mattress market, look to Sopora.
Bringing Better Sleep Day and Night