Why Eco

Organic and eco-friendly products are all the rage. Everyone and everything is going green. But is it just a passing fad or is there real substance beneath all the hype?

Our world is a wonderful place, with so much to offer. It contains all we need to live happy, healthy lives. Yet, there are many substances that can harm our bodies and affect our health. It is our job to maintain the pristine and pure state of our environment.

Organic products promote a greater state of health, for ourselves and our world. According to the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, 56% of the total gross shipment dollars in 2008 were estimated to be from the sale of eco-friendly or organic products. The vast variety of environmentally friendly products available to the public is proof that going green is more than just a passing fad. It's the wave of the future.

Why is organic safer?

Regular cotton mattresses are produced from cotton sprayed with pesticides, very often mixed with vinyl or other synthetic materials, Organic plants are free of bug repellants and harmful chemicals: the cotton that is used inside Greenbudsmattresses is completely pesticide free.

The Dangers of Chemicals:

Regular cotton mattresses are produced from cotton sprayed with pesticides, very often mixed with plastic, latex, or other synthetic materials, which may be toxic and are highly flammable. Other mattresses are constructed of polyurethane foam, which is highly flammable as well, thus requiring the mattress to be coated with dangerous chemicals in order to make them flame retardant.

Aside from having your child inhale the toxic fumes straight off the mattress and having the risk of exposing them to respiratory tract inflammation and many other allergy and health concerns, these toxins create chemical emissions that get stronger with time. These harmful off-gases permeate throughout the room, causing further contamination to our environment. Various childhood disorders have been directly linked to those chemicals that children have been exposed to from birth.

In 1996, a study was performed by Dr. T. James Sprott, a New Zealand chemist and forensic scientist, based on the research of British Scientist, Barry Richardson. They studied 200 mattresses that were used by babies who died of SIDS. Each and every mattress contained chemicals, with 95% of the mattresses used by previous babies. He concluded that the prime cause of SIDS was due to babies absorbing the noxious fumes that were emanating from mattresses and subsequently dying from accidental poisoning. These fumes were a byproduct of the substances and chemicals present in the mattresses, and the longer the mattresses were in use, the stronger the fumes became.

Dr. Sprott's study also demonstrated that the "Back to Sleep" program, in which babies were put to sleep on their backs instead of their stomachs, was successful due to the fact that the baby's nose was no longer positioned directly over the fumes. These gas vapors irritate the baby's senses, causing allergies, exacerbating asthma, and triggering SIDS. Many chemically soaked, synthetic mattresses also contain formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen, along with other chemicals that promote flame retardancy. "Just 2 years ago, the government actually increased flame retardants so that a mattress no longer has to be what used to be called cigarette burn proof. They now have to be torch proof," said Paige Mattson, owner of Blue Ridge Eco Shop in Charlottesville.

Instead of eliminating the synthetic and highly flammable materials, mattresses are drenched with toxic fire retardants. Fire retardants can have a permanent effect on the body. They've been proven to slow brain development in rodents and can also cause reproductive problems. These chemicals are persistent- they don't break down. They remain active in our air, water, and soil, and once absorbed by our bodies, make themselves at home in our fatty tissues.

Other chemicals and materials, such as formaldehyde, polyurethane, and pesticides and herbicides, used in the production of the mattresses are just as dangerous. Formaldehyde irritates the skin, eyes, nose and throat and can cause cancer as well. People with asthma are particularly sensitive to formaldehyde particles in the air. Polyurethane is not a natural product. It is produced through the combination of harsh and powerful chemicals, and has been known to increase irritation and decrease airflow in rodents. Pesticides and herbicides were created with a lethal purpose: to kill pests, insects and weeds. Eaten or merely inhaled, they can actually alter our DNA, and thereby cause cancer. They can also trigger ADD, mental illnesses, behavioral problems, and autoimmune disorders, as well as damage the central nervous systems.

Greenbuds mattresses are made from the purest substances, with natural cotton batting. Organic cotton ventilates body heat, keeping the child healthier, with fewer colds and illnesses. The non-toxic support layer inside the mattress is composed of food grade polyethylene. There are no chemicals or harmful substances placed in the mattress, providing your child with safer, and healthier sleeping environment.

"Once I started having kids, I was constantly worried if I was doing my job as a mother," says Miriam, CEO of Greenbuds."But with the birth of all the essential organic baby products out there, I was delighted in the knowledge that at least where sleep was concerned, I was able to provide my kids with a pure, night's rest!"