A quality baby bedding set is essential in making your nursery warm and inviting.  Cotton Tale makes every effort to create unique and special designs. All Cotton Tale patterns are made using quality materials and are uniquely designed to create your perfect nursery

There is no mistaking the design touch of Nina Selby in the infant bedding industry. From the moment she began her company, Cotton Tale Designs, in 1990, she became an innovator. She restyled and originated product that has become standard with all bedding manufacturers.

Nina is a master of display and merchandising. Her catalogs are captivating and unique. Her talent stems from years of design in all art forms.

When Nina made her entry into infant products, her flair for design and display changed the industry. Her ability to create beautiful show space and fresh ideas, won her the respect of specialty stores nationwide.

Nina is inspired by her love of natural beauty. She is a passionate, hands on designer. Presently, Nina designs two separate lines, Cotton Tale designs and N Selby designs. The N Selby line is only found in Specialty stores and Boutiques.

Nina makes her home in southern California. The mother of four, grandmother of three, a gardener extraordinaire and a wonderful cook.