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Ah Goo Baby is new to the baby business, but is being noticeable and becoming one of the best retailers parents are turning to for their baby products. The products that is being offered by Ah Goo Baby are focused at providing unique products that are functional, safe, productive and while being priced appealingly. Karin Telegadis is the founder and president of Ah Goo Baby. Karin Telegadis worked for NBC and Showtime Networks as a Business Developer and Programmer. She had her first daughter in 2003, when Karin decided to put her demanding career on hold and focus on being a mother. In 2005, Karin took her experience at being a mother and her background in business and found the Ah Goo Baby Company. George Telegadis was an attorney in Los Angeles in the entertainment industry. In 2007, George left his attorney practice and dedicated his time to Ah Goo Baby where he handles the legal operations of the company along with distribution and manufacturing of the company. Ah Goo Baby distributes products to over thirty different countries along with the United States. Ah Goo Baby provides unique, high end products that is designed for infants and toddlers. The products end frustrations that parents seem to encounter in and out of the home. Ah Goo Baby products include the Plush Pad, Bottle Strap, Pacifier Strap, Diaper Pouch, Kneeckers, Bibs and so much more. The products come with a smart design that ends the frustration that parents face with their babies. Ah Goo Baby has even created the Night Knight that is a high-tech product that alarms parents when a pause in a baby’s respiration reach an abnormal area. This is an amazing and incredible device that is needed for every new parent. Everything that can be thought of in unique products has been done by Ah Goo Baby. Ah Goo Baby has gain recognition from many outstanding magazines and received many awards for their amazing smart and affordable products. Ah Goo Baby is new on the scene of just a few years, but expected to grow tremendously.
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Ah Goo Baby Kneekers
Price: $14.99 Online Sale: $13.49

Ah Goo Baby Ark Memory Foam Contour Pad
Price: $49.99 Online Sale: $44.99

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