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To stay healthy and happy, babies need a lot of body contact during their first months of life. When you carry your newborn in the baby carrier, close and high up on your chest, you are helping him or her make the dramatic transition from life inside the womb to the world outside. Your body heat, the sound of your heartbeat and your voice are familiar and reassuring. Being close toy ou becomes a safe haven in a world of new impressions, and your baby learns to feel trust. More on Infant Development and Babywearing
Closeness contributes to high self-esteem
Being seen, heard and carried are fundamental needs for babies - as crucial as eating and sleeping. When you carry your child in a BABYBJORN Baby Carrier, you learn to see, interpret and meet your child's needs. Eye contact and physical closeness create an emotional bond between you and your baby that in invaluable for your baby's development and for your future together. The sense of security you give your child is an excellent foundation for high self-esteem later in life.
Recommended by pediatricians and child psychologists

In the beginning of our collaboration with leading pediatricians, in the 70s, their insights regarding the importance of physical closeness between child and parent were revolutionary. Today, pediatricians, as well as child psychologists all over the world agree on the vital role of this closeness, especially during the child's first six months. That is why they recommend that you keep your newborn close to you during this crucial first period of life.

Also, carrying a child with colic in our baby carrier may help alleviate symptoms. The child is held in an upright position that makes burping easier. Moreover, the child can move his or her arms and legs and feel the parent's body heat - all of which are good for a baby's little tummy.

Aside from baby carriers, Baby Bjorn also manufacturers several other items such as potty chairs, travel lite cribs and more! Baby Bjorn's current range of products has been developed, down to the last detail, to suit the lifestyle of modern families with small children - all over the world.