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Balboa Baby Nursing Cover
Price: $35.99 Online Sale: $32.39

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Balboa Baby
Balboa Baby was created by Shirley Pepys, Noel Pepys and Dr. William Sears. Dr. William Sears is a well-known pediatrician that has been providing excellent care for infants for many years and is also referred to as “American’s Pediatrician”. Dr. Sears is not only a pediatrician, but also a father of eight children.  Shirley, Noel and Dr. Sears wanted to create a products that were not only functional and needed by parents, but also fashionable products that parents enjoyed using. The products that were to be created needed to assist in making life easier for parents along with providing care and comfort to babies. 
The products that are offered by Balboa Baby are unique. The fabrics used on the products are high-end and upscale, and they offer distinctive and creative designs and prints. Some of the products that Balboa Baby produce include the nursing cover, nursing pillow, adjustable sling, bibs, blankets and much more. 
The nursing cover was created so nursing mothers could nurse their baby and look fashionable at the same time. The Balboa Baby nursing cover features a contoured and comfortable fit. The fabric stays in place, while allowing the baby to nurse with ease. There is an accessible pocket on the nursing cover that is great for holding a burping cloth or nursing pad. A buckle has been added to the nursing cloth to add style. The Balboa Baby nursing cover is a top seller. 
Another unique and exciting item is the Balboa Baby shopping cart cover. The shopping cart cover comes in fun colors, designs and prints. The cover is quilted so it is soft to a baby’s skin. It protects a baby from germs on a shopping cart. It’s easy to attach and stays in place. The Balboa Baby shopping cart cover also has a safety strap, so the baby will be safe and secure in the shopping cart. The shopping cart can also fit many restaurant high chairs, which is perfect for parents. The cover folds up and fits into a diaper bag for easy access. Shop in style with the Balboa Baby shopping cart cover. 
Balboa Baby has many exciting products. Each product is unique, and the materials and prints are fashionable. Balboa Baby offer affordable prices for their products and all products are made in the USA.