Breastfeeding - The Basics
Basics of Breastfeeding
The Learning Curve

Is my baby born with feeding instincts like other mammals?
Babies are hardwired to breastfeed, but signals can get crossed. Here’s how to nurture your baby’s instinct.Learn More.

How much do I need to know before I breastfeed?
In our systems oriented worlds, it’s easy to override out instincts. Here’s how to get “the feel” for breastfeeding. Learn More.

What are some simple ways to make breastfeeding easier?
Laid-back breastfeeding refers to both the mothers positioning and her approach to nursing. Learn More.

If I'm in pain, how can I make breastfeeding more comfortable?
A good ‘latch on’ is all about ‘the comfort zone’ – the area at the roof of your baby’s mouth where it changes from hard to soft. Once your nipple reaches your baby’s comfort zone, breastfeeding should be painless. Learn More.

As a dad, how can I help with breastfeeding?
Explaining how dad's can take an active role in helping breastfeeding work. Learn More.

As a dad, other than bottle-feeding, how can I feel close to my baby?
How Dad's can relate to their newborn if they are not giving regular bottles. Learn More

Ages and Stages

Will my baby get enough milk before my milk "comes in"?
Information showing the average size of a newborn's stomach and how much milk it can hold at birth. Now you can see why your colostrum, or early milk, is more than enough to fill your newborn's tummy. Learn More.

Does it matter how often I breastfeed during the first days?
Listing fun facts, what to expect, things to learn and some reasons to seek help in the early days of your newborn. Learn More.

Why are the first weeks of breastfeeding so intense?
For most moms and babies, the period from Day 4 to Week 6 is a time of intense breastfeeding. Here are the basics. Learn More.

Is is true breastfeeding gets faster and easier after 6 weeks?
Breastfeeding does get faster and easier for most moms and babies after the intense early weeks. Here are the basics from 6 weeks to 6 months. Learn More.

Will I still make milk after my baby starts other foods?
Listing fun facts, what to expect, things to learn and some reasons to seek help during the 6 to 12 Month period of your newborn. Learn More