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Melissa and Doug Wooden Car Carrier Truck with Cars
Price: $21.99 Online Sale: $20.99

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Quality Carriers and Back Packs for your baby by Balboa, Ergo, Baby Katan, Snugli, Baby Bjorn

Baby slings and carriers  have been an integral part of nursing, holding and mothering a child for centuries throughout almost every culture. There is a closeness that a sling provides that no other method of holding a baby can provide. The warmth, the heartbeat, the bond between mother and child all of these are at the center of what is important in parenting a new baby. Baby slings are the most effective and simple way to maintain the warm, natural connection a child has with its mother. It is important to choose a baby carrier that works best for you and baby. The style that you choose, for example a serene sling or a wraparound, will determine the comfort level, the position your baby is in and in what ways you will be able to maneuver with the carrier on. We carry a variety of carriers, including formal, organic and even baby wraps.