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Chicco Black Infant Carrier
Ultra Soft Infant Carrier in Black
Infant carriers have been around since ancient times, when people found ways to strap their babies to their bodies so they could free their hands and arms for other tasks. The rhythmic movement of the parent can relax a colicky or distressed baby and, at the same time, promote the bond between parent and child. Wearing a pack in front or back requires gradual muscular adjustment on the part of the parent. The packs don't lessen the sense of weight, they simply place all the weight on the shoulders instead of the arms. Over time, this strengthens a parent's legs, neck, and shoulders. Soft fabric carriers are especially useful for the newborn and the young baby, who will usually be soothed by your body's rhythmic movement. The carrier features an exclusive cuddle pocket to soothe and comfort baby, as well as a washable snap-on spit-up cloth,and vented side mesh panels. The sides feature three adjustment straps for best fit and comfort.
  • Soft, breathable lining gives baby a cool, padded, comfortable ride
  • Unique cuddle pocket lets baby feel your comforting touch
  • Mesh side panels increase ventilation and comfort
  • Adjustable padded straps for proper fit and shoulder comfort
  • Machine washable fabric for easy care and maintenance
  • Snap-on towel protects clothes from dribbles and drools
  • Recommended for use with 7.5 to 25 lb baby