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Since 1954 at and its outlet store, Cullen's Play Pen, in Jackson, Misssissippi we have more choices at low prices. We have partnered with the best manufacturers in the baby and juvenile business to provide you with the best baby gear, nursery furniture, nursery decor, and baby care products available at low prices.

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In 1992, KidCo was incorporated. KidCo specializes in offering quality safety gates. The safety gates that KidCo produces are made in the United States. All of KidCo’s safety gates meets and passes the ASTM safety standards. Along with safety gates, KidCo offers a variety of child safety products. KidCo wants to provide safety for children.

Safety Gates:

KidCo offers a wide range of safety gates to meet parent’s needs. They offer extra wide and irregular safety gates that are excellent for hard to fit areas. They also provide safety gates for fireplaces and wood burning stoves. The gates will keep babies and children from being close to the hot fire. There are play area offered too. Parents can choose from pressure mount gates or hardware mount gates. No matter what area or space, KidCo has a safety gate to fit the area.

PeaPod is a travel bed that is a featured product of KidCo. The PeaPod travel bed is perfect for children that are one years old to three years old. The PeaPod travel bed is easy to use, as it pops open instantly. It comes in a carry bag and is ready for traveling. The PeaPod Plus is available for children up to five years old.

Go-Pod is an activity seat that is perfect anywhere. It folds up quickly and ready to go. It is stable, a soft surface and excellent for small spaces.

KidCo offers a full line of home safety products that keep your child safe. The products offered are door and cabinet locks, drawer locks, electrical outlet covers and much more.

KidCo also has bed rails. The bed rails keep a child safely in their bed and parents at ease. The bed rails come in all size to meet all bed needs. They are easy to attach and affordable.

KidCo offers a one year warranty on all products. KidCo is the leader in providing safety and security for children. All products meet all government standards.

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