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Since 1954 at and its outlet store, Cullen's Play Pen, in Jackson, Misssissippi we have more choices at low prices. We have partnered with the best manufacturers in the baby and juvenile business to provide you with the best baby gear, nursery furniture, nursery decor, and baby care products available at low prices.

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Kids Preferred My First Dolly Baby Play Doll
Price: $17.95 Online Sale: $14.99

Kids Preferred Mama & Baby Musical Puppy
Price: $21.95 Online Sale: $19.99

Kids Preferred Mama & Baby Musical Turtle
Price: $21.99 Online Sale: $19.99

Kids Preferred Jack in the Box Musical Toy
Price: $22.95 Online Sale: $19.99

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Kids Preferred
Louis Premselaar founded Kids Preferred, Inc. in 1983. Kids Preferred is one of the top manufactures in the world for plush toys. Kids Preferred is known for providing unique, outstanding quality products. The mission for Kids Preferred is to supply quality soft toys for children that allows them to play and learn at the same time, and create a childhood memory that last forever. 
Kids Preferred Toys:
•    Amazing Baby
•    Baby Dolls
•    Goodnight Moon
•    Elmer
•    Disney Baby
•    Buildex Systems
•    Peep
•    Pat the Bunny
•    Little Me
•    TrayKit
•    And so much more…
Kids Preferred products have been approved and passed all internal standards. They provide toys that are safe. 
Good Night Moon – Good Night Moon is a 13 inch plush bunny. The bunny is soft to the touch and wears pajamas. He goes along great with the Goodnight Moon storybook. The bunny will be an excellent companion to any child at bedtime. 
Baby Boy Doll Blue or Baby Girl Doll Pink – The baby boy or baby girl doll comes in bright colors and yarn hair. The doll is soft and is 12 inches tall. The doll is machine washable and makes the perfect first doll for girls and boys.
Harley Davidson Biker Club – The Harley Davidson Biker Club is a My First Harley Tool Kit by Kids Preferred. The toolbox is soft plush and comes with a hammer, screwdriver, wrench and drill, which are also soft plush. The tools make jingle, crinkle and rattle sounds as if the child is actually working on a project. It allows the child to use hand and eye movement, which will develop a child’s activity and imagination. This is a great tool box for children.
The World of Eric Carle – The World of Eric Carle is a developmental frog toy that comes with sound. A child can squeeze the frog’s belly and hear him rib bit and croak. There are all kinds of activities with this toy, which promotes visual and hand development.
Kids Preferred offers toys for children that are enjoying, fun and educational. The toys promote exploration and development.