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Madame Alexander Dolls Madame Beatrice Alexander created The Madame Alexander Doll Company in 1923. She wanted to engage the child through their imagination with dolls. In the 1930’s, she created dolls based on licensed characters from movies, books, and literature, which included Alice in Wonderland, Gone with the Wind, and Little Women. Madame Alexander was the first doll creator that had the dolls eyes open and close, and she did that in the 1940’s. Madame Alexander thought outside the box along with her designers for her dolls. She was the first one to introduce a full figured fashion doll, and the first to create dolls that honored living people, such as Queen Elizabeth. Madame Alexander passed away in 1990 at the age of 95, but her dolls are still going strong. The City of New York issued a Proclamation to the Madame Alexander Doll Company for ninety years of designing dolls in New York City in 2013. The Madame Alexander Dolls that are offered today are the Newborn Nursery dolls, which are life-life of a newborn baby. They have eyes that open and close, soft skin, hair, and every detail is in place. Other Madame Alexander Dolls include, The Collection Dolls, Holiday’s, Storyland, and Women of History. There is a doll for every age and collection with the Madame Alexander Doll Company. As Madame Alexander said herself, “Love is in the details.”
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