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Sisters Cinda and Deb Dailey grew up on a farm in rural Nebraska. The sisters first came to notoriety when The Omaha World Herald featured the news of Deb's birth. She just happened to arrive on two of her sisters' (Judy and Cinda) birthday. With three of the five daughters born on the same day, but different years, they were a 1 in 500,000 probability! Money was tight on the farm, so Momma Dailey taught all five of her daughters how to design their own patterns and sew at very young ages. This necessity soon turned into a passion for creating clothing to home furnishings. When Cinda and Deb decided to combine their fabrication and design talents into their baby bedding business, "Persnickety" was the only word evoking their overly particular, fussy attention-to-detail style.

"Persnickety" carefully designs luxury nurseries that last from birth through toddler. We offer paint chips, fabric swatches, and a variety of nursery products to aid you or your designer in creating the baby room of your dreams. Many colorful designer fabrics combine in the most unexpected ways to complete your trend setting nursery.

The fabulous French Farmhouse Collection stunned the industry this year with its innovative fit into the popular new design movement in home furnishings. This turn-of-the-century French farmhouse look has been featured in all the latest magazines and catalogs but is just one of the unique groupings we offer.

"Persnickety Baby Bedding" products are proudly created in the USA with the highest regard for safety and quality. We make the extra effort to assure you are buying "only the Persnicketiest!"

Cinda & Deb